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helioseismology luminosity neutrino
nuclear fusion proton-proton chain solar neutrino problem

Review Questions

  1. How does nuclear fusion produce energy?
  2. Why does nuclear fusion need high temperatures and densities?
  3. Why is it so hard to develop nuclear fusion as a dependable power source on Earth?
  4. Why will chemical reactions or gravitational contraction not work for powering the Sun?
  5. What is the net result of the nuclear fusion chain process? Why does nature use the complicated chain process instead of a one-step fusion procedure?
  6. Where are neutrinos produced? What information can they tell you about interior conditions in the Sun?
  7. What was the solar neutrino problem? How was the problem solved and what are the implications of that solution?
  8. How can you use pulsations of the Sun to find out about the structure and composition of its interior?

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