National Radio Astronomy Observatory Green Bank

Anechoic chamber NRAO Green Bank
Anechoic chamber NRAO Green Bank

The left image shows my index finger against a radio absorber foam finger in the Anechoic Chamber for scale. Also note the thick copper wall lining that goes all around the Anechoic Chamber to block out external radio waves as well as preventing any radio leakage from whatever is inside the chamber. The right image taken from under the radio receiver looking toward the pedestal about 7 meters away.

The right image shows the pedestal on which the device to be tested is placed. The metal box (a Faraday cage) to the left of the pedestal can house any power supply and computer equipment needed to operate the device being tested. The pedestal is approximately 7 meters from the radio receiver. All of the blue foam fingers are approximately 6 inches (15 cm) long and help reduce radio waves scattering around in the chamber.

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last updated: September 6, 2011

Author of original content: Nick Strobel