National Radio Astronomy Observatory Green Bank

No RFI beyond this point NRAO Green Bank

The security gate beyond which radio frequency interference (RFI) is not allowed. RFI can be produced by a variety of electronic devices such as cell phones, digital cameras, wi-fi enabled laptops, and gasoline vehicles with spark plugs. Notice the "no-spark plug" sign on the right side of the gate. The Green Bank facility maintains a set of old diesel vehicles (some dating back to the 1960s!) for transportation within the "secure" zone. Other RFI sources include power lines, cable and broadcast television, microwave ovens, and wireless home network routers.

The center of the image shows the marker for Saturn in the solar system scale model that is on the site. The next image taken from the same location but not as much zoom shows the Jupiter marker.

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last updated: September 4, 2011

Author of original content: Nick Strobel