National Radio Astronomy Observatory Green Bank

Dorms + inner solar system model NRAO Green Bank

[Long panorama, so scroll right!] On the left side of the image you see two residence halls. The one on the far left (white one) is a newer one built for high school groups. There are several bunk beds in a large room. The residence hall for the guest observers is the blue and red brick building beyond. That building has a cafeteria and each sleeping room has two twin beds and bathroom with shower. This is also where the participants of the June Chautauqua short course stay. One of the oldest buildings on the site, the resident hall for guest observers has a conference room/library on the top floor that has been the site of history-making meetings. One such meeting was the National Academy of Sciences meeting in late 1961 where Frank Drake wrote down an equation of the various things one has to consider in determing the number of extra-terrestrial civilizations in the Milky Way we could communicate with. The terms of the equation were the agenda items of the meeting. Now known as the Drake Equation, a plaque containing the Drake Equation is permanently mounted above the fireplace in the conference room.

On the right side of the image are the markers for the inner solar system. The previous image shows the view opposite this one. The next few images will show the conference room.

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last updated: September 5, 2011

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