China 2009

Here are photo albums from our trip to China in July 2009. The impetus for the trip was the total solar eclipse on July 22nd but we also wanted to hit the highlights of eastern China while we there. We had 7.5 days in China (not including the flight to and from). Select one of the links below to view a photo album of a particular part of our trip.

You may use these pictures if you clearly and explicitly cite my authorship of the images and show how to get to my website at All of the images are suitable for 4x6 inch printing. If you want to use any of these pictures in any sort of publication, please contact me for permission and I'll send you a higher-resolution version (especially if you want enlargements!).

  1. Temple of Heaven
  2. Great Wall
  3. Legend of Kungfu show
  4. Tiananmen Square
  5. Forbidden City
  6. Xi'an City Wall
  7. Xi'an Bell Tower
  8. Tang Dynasty show
  9. Big Wild Goose Pagoda
  10. Farmers Painting
  11. Terra Cotta Museum
  12. Shanghai
  13. Sheraton Suzhou
  14. Grand Canal boat ride
  15. Master of Fishing Nets Garden
  16. Choyers Silk Factory
  17. Solar eclipse
  18. Post eclipse

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last updated: August 3, 2009

Author of original content: Nick Strobel