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The class website is now on the InsideBC server. Go to the InsideBC server and select the appropriate class link for the current semester in the "My Courses" tab. Only enrolled students will have access to the class website. Waitlisted students will need an "enrollment key" to be given on the first day of class.

If you have problems with InsideBC, call the Help Desk at 877-382-3508.

Bakersfield College Email: College-assigned email will be the sole email address that is used in this class and by Bakersfield College. Select the link to find out how to get your email and set it up to automatically forward it to another address.

Registered Students: Do the Pre-Term Quiz on the class Canvas before Monday, August 22!

Get to the class Canvas from the "My Courses" tab of InsideBC.

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PLENTY of Student Guide course packs available at the bookstore! The astronomy book shelves are in the far back LEFT side of the store as you enter in (between 2 to 4 feet above the ground).

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<<Links to the individual courses below for Fall 2016 will be updated soon.>>

If you have problems with InsideBC, call the Help Desk at 877-382-3508.

Beat the rush: buy your textbooks BEFORE the first week of class. If you wait until first week of class, be prepared to wait in line SEVERAL HOURS to even get into the bookstore.

last update: July 18, 2016