Student Email Changes

Two major changes are happening to student email:

  1. Your username to access the new BC email is changing over the weekend of October 16-18th. Your new username for logging into the new BC email will be the name in front of the "@" symbol of your full email address. It is of the form: firstname.lastname#### where "####" is a four-digit number determined by the you if someone else with the same firstname, lastname as you already has an account. For example: The first Nick Strobel at BC will have a username of nick.strobel but the second Nick Strobel will have a four-digit number in addition that he chose such as nick.strobel9876. Your password will remain as your MyBanWeb PIN.
  2. The new BC email will be the only email address that BC will use to send you messages starting November 2nd (such as BCAlert emergency messages, the Early Alert student success messages, Banner registration messages---think waitlist and payment info, etc.). The email address you entered during registration for this fall will not be used.
  3. Those of you still on the old Exchange system will need to move by December 31st---those accounts are gone on January 1st.

Here's a summary of the changes

October 16-18 November 2nd

New email username: firstname.lastname#### ,
where #### is used for duplicate firstname,lastname people.

(password remains as MyBanWeb password)

Sole use of BC email address to which campus communication is sent (BCAlert emergency messages, the Early Alert student success system, Banner registration messages such as waitlist, payment, etc.)

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last update: October 8, 2009

Contact: Nick Strobel